About Shore Kennels


Welcome to Shore Kennels, located on beautiful eastern shore in Centreville,  Maryland. We specialize in designer breeds, Cavapoms puppies, Pomskys puppies, and standard breeds of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies and Pomeranian puppies.

Contact us 443-906-0411

Or by email info@shorekennels.com


Our Breeding Philosophies


We believe in raising well socialized puppy citizens.  For us it starts at birth, by introducing our puppies early on to being handled and around various types of animals. (We have a couple birds, a cat, and outside we have chickens 🙂 ).  Further our kids play with the puppies nonstop.  Needless to say, we take socialization seriously because we know well socialized puppies do the best throughout their lives.


We only breed our adult dogs after they have reached an age where we can tell temperament and the majority of genetic disorders have been demonstrated.  Although there are no guarantees, we raise healthy puppies.